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A Tribute to Goddess Gaia on Earth Day

agate and garnet necklace

Today is Earth Day, a day of celebrating the gifts of Mother Earth as well as being conscious of how to preserve our planet for the future. On this special day, I am inspired to pay tribute to Gaia, Greek Goddess of the Earth. As the personification of Mother Nature, she represents the beauty, bounty and fertility of the Earth and the life sustaining qualities of divine feminine energy. Gaia is the nurturing Earth Mother and foundation from which all life springs, as her rich and fertile soil brings forth and sustains all life. Some great earthy stones to work with are: Poppy Jasper, Garnet and Agate

So take a moment today to connect with Mother Earth and feel her energies of abundance, stability, growth and a deeper connection to nature.

*Featuring our Gaia Necklace 

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