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A Simple Ritual for the Full Blood Blue Moon 🌕

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full moon ritual

Today marks the rare occurrence of the super Full Blood Blue Moon Eclipse! The Full Blue Blood Moon brings powerful energies of change and manifestation. Now is the perfect time to visualize important changes you want to make in your life and utilize these powerful energies to make them happen. Here is a simple Full Blue Moon ritual you can do today:

1. Write on a piece of parchment paper (if you don't have parchment paper, no worries, regular paper will also do) a list of goals you want to manifest during this cycle. I am a strong believer of visualization. The more specific you are and the more details you can conjure, the more effective the work. For example, if your goal is to reconnect with your body and feel good about yourself again, instead of "I want to lose weight", you want to write "I have lost 15 pounds, I fit into my old jeans and this is the sexiest I have ever felt." Fold up this paper.

2. Find a crystal or gemstone that means something to you and represents the energies of your goals. "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall is a great resource for learning about the properties of different stones, and you can also use our own gemstone index. Sometimes the best way is to just touch different stones and choose the one that "feels" right or makes your hand tingle. If you ever have an intuitive response to a crystal, you can bet that is the right one!

3. Light a white candle and visualize the goals you have written down on your piece of paper. Really take the time to see, taste, smell and feel every detail of this visualization. Close your eyes, focus on the third eye point and get into a meditation. There is no time limit as to how long to meditate but 11 minutes is recommended.

4. When you are ready, go outside and find a place to bury your piece of paper and crystal. The act of burying something is very grounding as it connects to the energy of the Earth. Imagine your paper and crystal releasing its energy into the earth and literally "grounding" itself into reality.

That is it! This is a super simple yet effective ritual. What will you do today to celebrate the Full Blood Blue Moon? Let us know below in comments!

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