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Charity Spotlight: Children of the Night

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As a company striving to be a socially conscious business, 10% of our website sales goes to small charities making a big impact in the community. And there is no better local charity to sponsor than Children of the Night.

Children of the Night is a shelter located in Los Angeles dedicated to rehabilitating and providing education for trafficked children, ages ranging from 14-19. The organization gives these children a place to stay, works with law enforcement to keep them safe while prosecuting those responsible for them being trafficked and gives them the education they need to better their lives. Education is the most important part of the program and these kids get individualized schooling to help them catch up with the level they need to be in order to graduate high school and go to college.

This organization inspires me because not only does it give these children a second chance to turn their lives around, it gives them love, hope and the home they either never had or was too dysfunctional to live in. Some of the kids come to the shelter not knowing their multiplication tables and by the time they leave the shelter, they will have their GED. In fact, since it opened in 1978, Children of the Night has proudly sent 100 plus kids to college. No other shelter for human trafficking has had the success that they have in this area.

Children of the Night is completely self-funded and not only do they give the kids shelter and education, they also encourage wellness/exercise/nutrition, plan fun field trips for the kids and work with volunteers to provide extracurricular workshops.

Another reason to feel good about your purchase 💛

To find out more about Children of the Night, visit their website at http://www.childrenofthenight.org

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