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Gemstone Healing: Amber

amber crystal healing gemstone healing

amber healing

Amber is the ultimate go-to healing stone. I’m sure you have seen lots of kids wearing amber teething necklaces, their mothers swearing it helps them with teething pain. Well, turns out there is a reason for these trending necklaces! Amber is a protective resin formed from living trees that has fossilized over millions of years. Because of the nature of how it is formed, it has incredibly strong connections with the Earth and grounding energies. Here is more info about this amazing all-around healer:

Amber soothes the nerves, enhances mental clarity and draws in energy to the physical body. It is a powerful cleanser and healer with unique capabilities of drawing out toxins while revitalizing the body. Metaphysically, amber is said to absorb negative energy and transmute them into positive forces that stimulate healing. Mentally, amber is great for stimulating the intellect, clearing depression and promoting positivity.

As a powerful cleanser and healer, Amber imbues the body with vitality while drawing out disease and discomfort. By absorbing pain from areas of stress, Amber allows the body to rebalance and heal. Amber especially resonates with the throat and but is also known to treat problems with the stomach, liver and joints. It can stimulate the navel chakra and help in grounding energies into the body.

I use Amber for healing everything from feeling sick to painful cramps to bad moods. Do you use Amber for healing? Let us know in comments!

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