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Words of Wisdom

beauty coco chanel inspiration quote words of wisdom

true beauty coco chanel

I absolutely love this quote, especially coming from Coco Chanel. Not only is she one of the most famous and iconic designers, she revolutionized fashion. Being against the restrictive styles women had to wear, she created a style (you can thank her for the pantsuit) that was modern, allowed women to move more freely and was thus liberating. Because of her confidence to be bold and stand out, she revolutionized womens fashion.

I believe a woman is the most beautiful when she is truly confident. True confidence is something that radiates from within, and it comes from finding yourself and being free to be who you truly are. It's about discovering your personal truth and not being afraid to live it. True beauty is loving yourself, knowing your strengths, accepts your flaws and sharing your authentic self with the world.

What is beauty to you?

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