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Lava Stone/Bodhi Seed Diffuser Bracelet

$ 20.00

Bracelet Length: 7.25-7.5"

This bracelet features 2 bodhi seeds and 1 lava stone in the middle which act as the essential oil diffuser. The bodhi seeds make oils last about 24 hours while the lava stone can make oils last up to one whole week. Just place a drop of your favorite essential oil on the bodhi seeds and lava stone. This bracelet is intricately hand-woven with care and intention.

About Bodhi Seeds: Bodhi seeds have a sacred meaning throughout Buddhism, as it was under the Bodhi tree that the Buddha first achieved enlightenment.

About Lava Stone: A grounding stone said to bring strength and endurance. Formed by volcanic rock, lava stone has a strong connection to the earth and a stabilizing energy.

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