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Brown Feather Hair Clip

$ 24.00

Spirit of Wind & Freedom

Length: 16"

Feathers speak in images- breath, freedom, spirit, truth, flight, vision, wind and power. Since ancient times they have held symbolic meaning and spiritual significance; depicted in the earliest art on cave walls, pottery, jewelry, mythology and stories of creation.

Gemstones in this piece:

Turquoise: A valued “power stone” used in amulets since time immemorial, Turquoise is said to provide solace for the spirit and vitality for the body. The stone is known to instill inner calm, aid creative expression and stimulate romantic love.

Garnet: Known as the stone of love and commitment, Garnet is said to inspire romantic love, passion and devotion. It also stimulates creativity and bestows self-confidence by removing the inhibitions that block one from realizing his or her full potential.

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