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Dreamcatcher Necklace

$ 73.00

Necklace Length: 29.5"

Inspiration: Wohpe is the Lakota Sioux Goddess of peace, dreams, beauty and spirituality. Her name means “meteor”, as it was believed that with each falling star she may grant a wish or mediate a problem between friends. Also known as White Buffalo Woman, legend says that she appeared before two hunters one day dressed in all white while she gave them a scared pipe as a symbol for peace. One of her symbols is Turquoise, as it reflects the many shades of blue in the sky and has long been a symbol for friendship and spirituality.

Gemstones in this piece:

Turquoise: A valued “power stone” used in amulets since time immemorial, Turquoise is said to provide solace for the spirit and vitality for the body. The stone is known to instill inner calm, aid creative expression and stimulate romantic love.

Mother of Pearl: Enhances sincerity, truth, loyalty and is said to draw love and prosperity. Pearls bring a centering and calming reflection that attunes the wearer to the ebb and flow of life.

Druzy Quartz: The crystals help draw in positive energy while dissipating negative thoughts and emotions by radiating them away through many tiny points.

Bodhi seeds: Bodhi seeds have a sacred meaning throughout Buddhism, as it was under the Bodhi tree that the Buddha first achieved enlightenment.

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