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Enchantress Necklace

$ 43.00
Necklace Length: 20" Labradorite Pendant: 1.5"

Elegant, classic and a little mysterious, this is the perfect necklace to bring out your inner enchantress. This stunning necklace is beaded with shiny Hematite and rose copper, comes into a 2.5” drop woven with wire-wrapped Garnet pieces, and is finished with a beautiful Labradorite teardrop pendant. This piece can be easily transformed from a chic daytime piece to an elegant nighttime look.

Gemstones in this piece:

Garnet: Known as the stone of love and commitment, Garnet is said to inspire romantic love, passion and devotion. Garnet also helps to open the heart as it bestows self-confidence by removing the inhibitions that block one from realizing his or her full potential. Said to also stimulate creativity, Garnet assists in bringing in positive thoughts as well as boosting energy.

Hematite: Known as a “stone for the mind”, Hematite brings incredible grounding and calm while helping one to focus and organize the mind. Hematite facilitates the balancing of yin/yang energies, utilizing its magnetic qualities to balance the meridians as well as providing a stable equilibrium for the nervous system.

Labradorite: The stone of inner knowing, Labradorite dispels negativity by enhancing clarity of thought and understanding. It is said to bring good luck, harmony and enhanced intuition.

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