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Fire Mala

$ 72.00

For Passion and Transformation

Mala Length: 36" Red Agate Pendant: 1.75-2"

The Fire element represents transformative energy in one of its most powerful forms. It is the element of passion, romance, sensuality and vitality. Fire cleanses and purifies by burning away old, outmoded feelings and thoughts. We meditate upon Fire in order to will. To do so we translate our thoughts into action by tapping into our passions and by allowing our spirit to rise with the flame of inspiration. It is through correct honing of the will that allows one to accomplish great and wonderful things.

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Gemstones in this piece:

Carnelian: Believed to bring fame and self-confidence to the wearer, Carnelian is a stabilizing stone with high energy. It is excellent for restoring vitality, motivation and for stimulating creativity.

Turquoise: A valued “power stone” used in amulets since time immemorial, Turquoise is said to provide solace for the spirit and vitality for the body. The stone is known to instill inner calm, aid creative expression and stimulate romantic love.

Bodhi Seeds: Bodhi seeds have a sacred meaning throughout Buddhism, as it was under the Bodhi tree that the Buddha first achieved enlightenment.

Agate: Among the oldest good luck and healing stones, legend says that Agate improves memory and concentration, increases stamina and encourages honesty. A grounding stone, Agate brings in emotional, physical and intellectual balance.


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