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Isolt Necklace

$ 49.00

For Undying Love

Necklace Length: 15" Back Drape: 8.5"

Isolt is the Celtic goddess of undying love, known as the heroine in the legendary tale “Tristan and Isolt”. As the story goes, a single strand of Isolt’s beautiful golden hair attracts the attention of King Mark, who sends his knight Tristan to find her. On the boat back to Mark, Tristan and Isolt mistakenly drink a potion intended to make the newlywed couple fall hopelessly in love- and thus Isolt finds herself irrevocably in love with Tristan. They attempt to fulfill their assigned roles, Isolt as Mark’s wife and Tristan as his vassal, but they become doomed to love each other, and their love eventually leads to Tristan’s banishment and Isolt’s death. Today, Isolt helps us navigate through the corridors of romantic love and reminds us that our love is real, powerful and undying.

About Pearls: Thought to be the tears of the gods and goddesses in ancient lore, Pearls are said to enhance sincerity, truth and loyalty. Pearls are also said to draw love and prosperity, as it brings a centering and calming reflection that attunes its wearer to the ebb and flow of life.

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