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Kamala Bracelet

$ 42.00

For the Spiritually Awakened Goddess

Bracelet Length: 7.25-7.5"

Inspiration: Known as the Hindu goddess of consciousness and creation, Kamala is the goddess of spiritual wealth, beauty and love. Her name means “lotus” in Sanskrit, as the lotus is a symbol of ascension, purity and fertility. Goddess Kamala represents the unfolding of inner consciousness into the richness of creation, and she reminds us see the wealth of beauty in everything around us.

Gemstones in this piece:

Pyrite: Said to be an excellent stone for attracting wealth and manifesting needed energies, Pyrite helps one communicate with more confidence while increasing physical stamina. It is also a protection stone, as it removes negativity and aids in transforming thought into intelligent action.

Clear Quartz: One of the most versatile, powerful and all-purpose stones for healing. Overall, crystal quartz is a power stone that harmonizes and balances, thus making it highly useful in healing, meditation, and spiritual enlightenment.

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