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Rhiannon Bracelet

$ 24.00

For the Magical Goddess

Bracelet Length: 7.25-7.5"

Rhiannon is the Celtic goddess of the moon, love, rebirth, wisdom, magic, beauty and transformation. She appears in The Marbinogian, an ancient book of Welsh mythology. In The Marbinogian, Rhiannon appears to King Pwyll as a beautiful dream vision, riding on glowing white horses and surrounded by magical birds. Thus begins her journey inĀ attaining the man of her desires, and Rhiannon comesĀ to be regarded as a goddess who possesses deep magic and the ability to manifest her dreams.

Gemstones in this piece:

Chrysoprase: Known as the stone of inspiration, Chrysoprase enhances the imagination and brings about optimism, open mindedness and adventure. Considered magical by the ancient Greeks, it is an excellent success stone known to increase adaptability, inner courage and wisdom.

Labradorite: The stone of inner knowing, Labradorite dispels negativity by enhancing clarity of thought and understanding. It is said to bring good luck, harmony and enhanced intuition.

Druzy Quartz: The crystals help draw in positive energy while dissipating negative thoughts and emotions by radiating them away through many tiny points. Drusy quartz crystals are excellent for use in spiritual healing when self-doubt, worry, or other negative feelings are affecting the ability to feel the joy of life.

Ruby: A wonderful gemstone for bringing fire, passion and motivation into your life. It strengthens courage, personal power, joy and leadership qualities..

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