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Triple Bodhi Seed Diffuser Bracelet

$ 24.00

Bracelet Length: 7.25-7.5"

This bracelet features 3 bodhi seeds in the middle which act as an essential oil diffuser. Place a drop of your essential oil on the bodhi seed to make it last for about one day. The perfect way to wear your favorite oils! The rest of the bracelet is intricately hand-woven with care and intention. Comes in 8 colors!

About Bodhi Seeds: Bodhi seeds have a sacred meaning throughout Buddhism, as it was under the Bodhi tree that the Buddha first achieved enlightenment.

Color Meanings:

Red: Energy, strength, power, determination, passion

Orange: Creativity, fun, change, stimulation, expression

Yellow: Willpower, action, success, optimism, clarity

Light Green: Manifestation, balance, patience

Dark Green: Prosperity, healing, nature, abundance

Turquoise: Serenity, intuition, creativity, loyalty, good luck

Dark Blue: Elegance, honesty, communication, patience, harmony

Pink: Compassion, nurturing, love, romance

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