So excited to have guest blogger Ashleigh Correll from the Sparrows Apple blog this week! As a busy mom of 2 juggling her third trimester of pregnancy, family and a thriving blog- she sure knows a thing or two about stress! Here she shares her top 3 realistic ways to reduce stress. Like what you read? Check out her blog here!


I have been on a hunt trying to figure out all the realistic ways that can help me reduce stress and I think that I’ve come up with my top 3 that I’ve found helpful thus far. Seeing that I am now in my 3rd trimester and things can be a bit more stressful to manage just because of all the extra weight I’m carrying and tack on the heat to that. Lord Jesus help me… this is one of the top things I’m trying to focus on.

Here are my 3 Ways To Reduce Stress: 

1. Petite bead Essential Oils bracelet from 100 graces: I was sent this cute little petite essential oil bracelet from 100 graces at just the right time! I had just ordered young living essential oils around the same time that this was sent to me so naturally I immediately wanted to put it to use! One of the first oils I tried on this bracelet was ‘Stress Away’. We have been in a really great but busy season of life lately so that fact that I could put a drop of stress away on the bead and not only smell the aroma but feel the effects of it for most of the day was incredible. Its almost like the bead is constantly rubbing on your wrist in the most gentle way continuing to distribute the oils to you. In any case, I have grown to really love it and call it my secret weapon to wear on days when I just need to have an extra diffusing boost. As a mom, re-applying oils on your wrist throughout the day isn’t always the most convenient thing in the world and to be honest, half the time I will just forget to re-apply. Having this little bracelet handy has been a great way for me to benefit all day from my essential oils. So if you’re looking for a good, affordable piece of diffusing jewelry for yourself or your kiddos than look no further than to 100 Graces! I will say, these bracelets are very dainty, so if your child is a little rough houser than you may want to find them a more durable piece. So far Haven has done really well with hers though.

bodhi seed essential oil diffuser bracelet

2. Early Bed Time: This one has been a hard one for me. My kids don’t normally fall asleep until around 9pm and require quite a bit of assistance to fall asleep (Specifically my older one, Haven) which then doesn’t leave me with much “alone time” if I go to bed early. I know, the struggle is real, right?! With that being said, I’ve been trying to force myself to just head to bed at the latest 10:30pm and it’s proven to work out so well! I wake up feeling more alert, way less stressed and rushed. I’m still very much in the beginner phase of this new habit so I don’t have it all nailed down just yet but we will get there! Plus, a ton is going to change once baby boy gets here so I’m sure what I’m doing right now may have to be finagled a bit in a few weeks.

sparrows apple blog

3. A clean home: Man, for me.. a clean home means a clear mind and I don’t just mean your normal “sweep the floor, wipe down counters…”. What I mean by a clean home is decluttering & organizing partnered with your usual. There is something to be said when I go to get dressed in the morning and don’t have a million and 1 clothing options to choose from especially when I you haven’t and will probably never wear half of those things again! I find myself constantly cleaning out my closet at the most random times because I just don’t like that feeling of sifting through things that are cute but I know I’ll never wear. For me, it gives a sense of relief to have those things out of my living space and helps me think a bit clearer.




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