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Our Story

Gemstone Jewelry for the Modern Goddess

“The modern day goddess is passionately dedicated to discovering her truth, accepting her divinity, owning her power and sharing her unique gifts with the world.”

100 Graces is "Gemstone Jewelry for the Modern Goddess".  Inspired by crystal healing, our jewelry combines natural elements, vibrant colors and bohemian glamour to create a look that is fashion forward with gemstone healing vibes. At 100 Graces, jewelry is more than a fashion statement- it is a tool of empowerment, self- discovery and connecting to your inner Goddess. All our jewelry is handmade in our Los Angeles studio with only natural stones and sustainably sourced materials.

We use natural gemstones in our jewelry because not only are they beautiful and created by the Earth, they contain healing vibrations that help to balance the body. For thousands of years, ancient cultures have believed in their powers to release blockages and attract desired energy. The gemstones used to design each piece are intentionally chosen in order to create a particular energetic effect.

 About the Designer:

priscilla mendez

  Hello, I’m Priscilla Mendez, owner and designer of 100 Graces Jewelry. I started 100 Graces with the mission to create jewelry that not only makes women feel beautiful, but also has healing effects and carries a message of power and inspiration. Story is the most important element of my jewelry making, and I am often inspired by the stories found in Goddess mythology. I am interested in Goddess mythology across all cultures because they all tell the tale of feminine empowerment and self-discovery. Their stories provide women today an ancient mirror of womanhood as a divine, guiding and passionate force within us all. I believe that every woman is a goddess with her own unique story and I hope that my jewelry inspires women to discover what that story is. Aside from being a passionate jewelry designer, I am a dedicated wife and a mother of a 5 and 2 year old.