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5 Days of Wearing Essential Oils On My Wrist

lava stone and copper diffusr bracelet

jAs part of my stress management journey, I’ve decided to open my mind and try new things that I normally wouldn’t. One of those things is wearing a bracelet that diffuses essential oils as you wear it. I documented my thoughts and stress levels for 5 days, and this is what I came up with:


Since I’m not much of an essential oils person (well, wasn’t) I had to look up what type of oil would benefit me most. I chose lavender because it promotes relaxation and helps reduce stress, and also because it smells good so I knew I would be able to tolerate it for at least a week. The instructions that came with the bracelet said to place one drop of oil on each lava stone and that it should last about a week.

lava stone and copper diffusr bracelet


The bracelet still smells wonderful. I work in an office and use a computer all day, so as I moved my wrists to type I kept catching whiffs of lavender which was really nice. I don’t know yet if it’s aided in relaxing me because I haven’t felt a difference, but it’s only Day 2 so I’m hopeful.


Bonus points today for my coworker complimenting my new piece of hardware! I normally wear all-silver jewelry on a daily basis so the bracelet really stands out against my normal look in a good way. I love the copper accents so much that I spent about 2 hours Pinteresting copper office decor ideas (don’t tell my boss). Still no change in my mood or vibe, but the lavender scent is going strong and I really do enjoy the glimpses I get of it throughout the day.


Today was tough. I was super tired and agitated when I got home from work and still had a lot to do. I decided to experiment a bit by closing my eyes and performing some deep breathing exercises while holding my wrist closer to my nose. Inhaling the lavender scent (which was still going strong) finally made a difference! Closing my eyes and breathing is something I do a lot when I’m feeling anxious so I was immediately able to tell the difference from adding the lavender. Very exciting!

lava stone and copper diffuser bracelet


Today was my last day of the experiment, but it will not be the last day I wear the bracelet. I was very surprised at how strongly the scent lasted for the 5 days and how enjoyable it would be. The bracelet is also super cute and doesn’t look like the typical “gemstone jewelry” that I picture when I think of that type of jewelry. I feel like it is very fashion-forward and the black and copper look so good together.

Final thoughts

I love that 100 Graces combined fashion with energy and healing to give women jewelry they could wear that would also improve their well-being and overall *goddess vibes*. The entire collection is full of different colors, styles, and functionality so there’s definitely something for everyone.

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