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Amethyst: Stone of Intuition and Serenity 🔮

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amethyst healing crystal

A must-have for every crystal healing enthusiast, Amethyst is a powerful, protective stone with high spiritual vibrations. One of the most popular gemstones, Amethyst is known as the “prozac of the crystal world” due to its calming effects. It is known to enhance higher states of consciousness and mediation by bringing serenity to its wearer.

Amethyst is perfect for de-stressing, de-cluttering the mind and connecting back with one’s Higher Self. It is a great stone for when one feels overwhelmed or lacking direction because it’s calming vibrations help to bring clarity and deeper understanding. Amethyst is also known as the “psychic stone” since it enhances intuition and brings out one’s psychic gifts.

In terms of healing, Amethyst is known to relieve physical, emotional and psychological stress. An excellent blood cleanser, it is also said to boost hormone production while tuning the endocrine system and metabolism. Amethyst has an overall balancing energy and is is effective for working with the 3rd Eye chakra, the chakra governing intuition. Therefore it is very effective for cleansing the aura of negativity.

By the sounds of it, looks like everyone can use some Amethyst in their lives- I know I sure can! Which healing crystals are you using? Let us know in comments!

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