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Carnelian: Stone of Confidence & Vitality

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carnelian healing properties

Carnelian is like the energizer bunny of gemstones. It belongs in the group high-energy physical stones like citrine and garnet that are incredibly grounding and empowering for the lower 3 chakras. Need some extra energy and motivation? There is no better stone than carnelian! No other stone gives that extra boost of confidence and physical prowess quite like carnelian. 

A stabilizing stone with high energy, Carnelian is believed to bring self-confidence and motivation to its wearer. A stone full of life force and vitality, it stimulates projection and confidence. Carnelian is known to be incredibly grounding and helpful for anchoring its wearer to the present reality. It gives courage, promotes positive choices and motivates for success in business and other pursuits. It is especially great for dramatic pursuits and public speaking.

In terms of healing, Carnelian is said to stimulate the metabolism while improving the absorption of vitamins and minerals so as to ensure a good supply of blood to the organs and tissues.

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