Need more love in your life? Want to bring more romance into your relationships? Then Aphrodite is the Goddess for you! Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of passion, love and beauty. One of the great privileges of life is to love and be loved. Even with money and success, without love, life will always feel like there is something missing. Love allows us to be the best we can be and calls forth the ability to be open and receptive. Aphrodite’s message is about awakening the inner Goddess and allowing one’s inner feminine wisdom, dynamic beauty and sensuality to rise to the surface. Need more self- love? She is a goddess that helps women to feel comfortable with their bodies by bringing in more self-confidence and love.

Here are some practical ways to channel Aphrodite’s love energy:

-Being kind to yourself by slowing down to take your time and enjoy being in the moment. Rushing can make it difficult to be sensual and caring.

-Permit yourself to feel beautiful, sensual and loving. Make the time to do things that delight and please you.

- Participate in some kind of bodywork (any kind from aerobics to massage) that increases your awareness of your body and its sensations.

-Dress up and wear something sensual.

-Decorate your space with fresh flowers.

- Dress in her colors (red, pink, light green, violet, copper) and think of her appreciatively as you put on a pearl necklace and dab on rose scent.

Gemstones to work with:

Rose Quartz- Opens the heart and encourages self-love

Morganite- The ultimate “heart stone” with very potent attracting energy that is said to brings love to one’s life.

Pearls- Said to enhance sincerity, truth and loyalty, Pearls have also been said to help draw love and prosperity into one’s life.

Pieces that channel Aphrodite:

Aphrodite Necklace and Wrap Bracelet- A gorgeous white pearl piece with rose quartz accents. Pearls have long been associated with Aphrodite and these pieces will make you feel like you are the love goddess herself.

Aphrodite Necklace II and Bracelet- Another version of our Aphrodite Necklace using pink chip pearls and copper accents. Copper is a metal that is associated with Aphrodite and it looks stunning paired with the pink chip pearls.

Love at First Sight Necklace- This beautiful, versatile necklace is made with both Morganite and Rose Quartz- both gemstones that have high love vibrations!


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