Today is the official day of Autumn Equinox, marking the arrival of Fall. The Autumn Equinox heralds a time of growing darkness, as the sun continues to descend and diminish so that the nights are longer than days. It is a time of mystery and enlightenment, as we delve into the dark (both literal and metaphorical) in order to experience transformation. It is a time of balance between day and night, before winter takes over and brings with it a time of darkness and death (in its transcendental sense).

This duality of light and dark makes Fall a time of awareness as we must acknowledge that both light and dark exists in humanity and the universe consists of many dualities that work with each other to create balance. We must become conscious of the duality of light and dark within ourselves, and to acknowledge that they are interconnected. Instead of shutting down what we think is “negative” in ourselves, the healing path is to embrace our paradoxes, which in turn elevates it. By embracing both the light and dark of our selves and our personal journey, we become fully conscious, complete and understanding as a whole. For example, the light side of me personality is caring and gentle, but the dark side is incredibly impatient. Though my impatience can be destructive, it is part of my fiery personality, which is what makes me action oriented and incredibly passionate about everything I do.

The Fall also signals the transition of the elemental energies from Fire (which was welcomed by Summer Solstice) to Water. The Water element represents fluidity, emotions, cleansing, dreaming, the intuition and eternal movement. A great teacher of balance, it also inspires us to not become rigid with fear or cling to what’s familiar. I will be talking more about the Water element in the next blog, coming out in a couple of days.

Below are some great pieces for working with the Autumn Equinox energy:

Water Mala- The name says it all, this piece is inspired by and helps connect to the Water element. The moonstone in this piece is great for calming, balancing and moving through life with intuition.

Isis Necklace- Inspired by Isis, the Egyptian goddess of beauty and spiritual awareness. The lapis lazuli in this piece helps to enhance awareness, intuition and strengthen psychic abilities.

Enchantress Necklace II- From its mix of black and white colors, to the contrasting energies of moonstone and hematite- this piece strikes the perfect balance and is truly enchanting. Not to mention, its gorgeous teardrop pendant made from labradorite- great for enhancing inner knowing.You can also check out the bracelet version of this piece Here



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