Mookaite is one of those gemstones that every fitness junkie should have. It has a high energy, sporty vibe that is perfect for giving one the pep in their step they need to finish a hard workout or power through a long day of getting things done.

Also known as Australian Jasper, Mookaite is a stone of vitality and physical strength. It is a great stone for anti-aging as it helps to increase one’s flexibility- a key component to staying youthful. Mookaite also promotes an ageless spirit willing to accept change and adventure.

Mookaite is an incredibly grounding stone as it works on the root chakra, which has to do with the physical aspects of the self and feelings of support and security. In terms of healing, A physically stabilizing stone, Mookaite is said to fortify the immune system, help the healing process for wounds and purify the blood. As mentioned, it is a great stone for anti-aging not only because of its ability to increase flexibility, but also for clearing the body of toxins.


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