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"More Self-Love" by Lifestyle Blogger, Esther Lane

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This week our Love Goddess Necklace was reviewed by gorgeous lifestyle blogger, Esther Lane. Describing herself as a California girl, pop culture enthusiast and travel addict, her blog chronicles her fun LA adventures- check it out here!

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More Self-Love

Lately I’ve been into self-love. I’ve seen various outlets online promoting the movement and dropping little reminders on my Instagram feed. Although Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be great tools for positive influence nowadays it seems to be the place to lose self-love due to comparison. A few months ago I was feeling overwhelmingly self-conscious about my body and life and then the universe brought me 100 Graces Jewelry. An online based jewelry store that creates Gemstone Jewelry for the Modern Goddess. I swear it was law of attraction working at its finest.

I received the Love Goddess necklace inspired by Venus. It came in the cutest box that included an in depth description of the stones used and a hand written love note from California based designer Priscilla Mendez. The piece is romantic and feminine. The all natural gemstones featured are Morganite, Pearls, and Rose quartz. The moment I put it on I felt a beautiful energy within. It’s light, airy, and gives me major beach vibes. I’d recommend 100 Graces Jewelry to anyone trying to channel a certain energy, while making a fashion statement.

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