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The Magic of Jewelry Design

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My creative process of designing a new piece really is a journey.

It’s a magical journey that I love and is why I became a jewelry designer in the first place. Everything starts with visualizing the energy and story I want to channel in the piece. For example, the last new design I created was inspired by Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom and strategy. I began by finding images and information about Athena to get more into depth with the sensation I want the piece to create. Then I think about the gemstones I want to use that represent her energy. The fun part then begins where I come up with a design that integrates the stones and goes along my overall vision.

There really is no formula or technique to how or when I choose to design. It starts with a bolt of inspiration and when that happens I hit the studio. It’s a flow that happens where I just get into the zone, break out my toolbox, start cutting chains and wires, figure out stone combinations- and it all comes together. On average it takes about 4-6 rounds of design to come up with a finished piece. Every so now and then I perfect the design in 1 round. It’s very rare but when it happens it is quite magical. The High Priestess Necklace is one of these designs that I put together and was exactly perfect the way it is.

Every piece of jewelry I make comes from a bolt of creative inspiration and I don’t believe a design is finished until it is something I would love to wear. For all you creative souls and artists out there- what is your design process? Please share!

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