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Watermelon Tourmaline: Stone of Balance and Communication

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watermelon tourmaline jewelry

Watermelon Tourmaline is a special gem in that it is a mix of different tourmalines, giving it its multicolor beauty and balancing energy. Tourmaline is known to be the stone of reconciliation, grounding and communication. Its balancing energy is said to encourage compassion and cool headedness, making it a great stone for intentions having to do with healing and friendship.

Tourmalines in general are powerful stones for protection, grounding and neutralizing negative energies. In addition to being an excellent heart chakra stone, Watermelon Tourmaline is said to aid in concentration and communicating one’s self. As a stone that works with the Heart chakra, it is effective for cleansing and removing blockages. As a balancing stone, Watermelon Tourmaline aids in removing insecurities.

Since Watermelon Tourmaline is a combination of both pink and green tourmalines, it carries vibrations from both types of tourmaline, which helps to merge yin and yang aspects of the self. Pink Tourmaline is said to be an aphrodisiac that attracts love. It inspires trust in love and brings the message of encouraging self-love as it is necessary to love yourself before being loved by others. Green Tourmaline is known to be an excellent healer and aid for visualization. It is said to magnetize the wearer to prosperity and abundance. With this stone, one is able to think through solutions clearly and constructively.

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