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Mookaite and Lava Stone Bracelet

$ 26.00

This youth and vitality enhancing bracelet is hand-knotted with mookaite and lava stone. It finishes with an adjustable weave.

  • Length: 7.25" and adjustable up to an additional 2"
  • Cord Material: Nylon
  • Packaged with a gift pouch and card with gemstone information
  • Note: Due to the one of a kind nature of natural gemstones, exact colors and patterns may vary slightly from photo


MOOKAITE: Also known as Australian Jasper, Mookaite is known as a stone of vitality and physical strength. It is said to promote an ageless spirit willing to accept change and adventure.

LAVA STONE: A grounding stone said to bring strength and endurance. Formed by volcanic rock, lava stone is known to have a strong connection to the earth and a stabilizing energy.

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