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Denim Lapis and Lava Stone Bracelet

$ 18.00

This wisdom-enhancing bracelet is hand-knotted denim lapis lazuli and lava stone. It finishes with an adjustable weave.

  • Length: 7.25" and adjustable up to an additional 2"
  • Cord Material: Nylon
  • Packaged with a gift pouch and card with gemstone information


LAPIS LAZULI: This stone is known to assist in awakening the 3rd Eye, tapping into the intuition and strengthening psychic abilities. Lapis Lazuli is said to impart ancient knowledge and wisdom as it enhances one’s awareness, insight and intellect.

LAVA STONE: A grounding stone said to bring strength and endurance. Formed by volcanic rock, lava stone is known to have a strong connection to the earth and a stabilizing energy.

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