Over a week ago we welcomed Autumn Equinox (To learn more about the Autumn Equinox, refer to our previous blog post), which marked the official first day of Fall. Not only is the weather changing and the days are getting shorter, the Fall also signals the transition from the Fire element that rules the summer season to the Water element.

The Water element represents fluidity, emotions, cleansing, dreaming, the intuition, eternal movement and the emotional aspects of love and femininity. Water is a great teacher that shows us how to move through the world with grace, ease and determination. It can inspire us to not become rigid with fear or cling to what’s familiar, as Water is brave and flows onward without looking back. Water also teaches patience, as its calmness and flow reminds us to let things happen how they need to instead of pushing and rushing. It is my personal favorite element to work with and as a healer, I am incredibly drawn it its intuitive and psychic nature. When balanced and in sync with Water, I feel very calm, content and as if everything is right where it needs to be and things are moving the way they need to be in my life. By being in this state of flow, I am more patient and receptive to healthy opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t notice.

Water is an extremely powerful element that has the potential to heal on many levels, particularly spiritual and emotional. Its sound alone can soothe and refresh the soul. Water is the element of emotions and it can be called upon to help heal, understand and balance one’s emotions. It’s cleansing energy helps to soothe and dissolve negative feelings stuck from the past and create positive emotions for the present. There are many ways to connect with Water- one way it to take a relaxing and meditative salt water bath while allowing the element to cleanse and dissolve your worries of the day.

Gemstones with Water energy:

Aquamarine, Pearl, Abalone, Blue Topaz, Aqua Quartz, Moonstone

Pieces that work with Water energy:

Water Mala- The name says it all, this piece is inspired by and helps connect to Water. The moonstone in this piece is great for calming, balancing and moving through life with intuition.

Sea Goddess Necklace- The gorgeous hues of blue in this necklace are like that of the ocean itself, and the energy of the Aquamarine and Pearl channel the Water element perfectly.


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